Summer Healthy Snacks for Kids

It’s important to have healthy snacks for kids especially during the summer time. Believe it or not, kids tend to gain weight during the summer months. A conducted study that was based on more than five-thousand school age children showed that children gain weight faster during the summer.

Surprised? I was surprised too. Think about it, during summer months kids spend much more time outside than during the school time. Why would they gain weight?

Weight gain problem can be blamed on lazy days of the summer when children don’t have school schedule and prefer to lay on the couch in front of TV instead.

Many kids have different sports activities after school that stops during summer which means more time for TV and computer games. And of course they like to watch TV eating potato chips or other junk food. So unhealthy snack and no exercise can cause your child to gain weight.

I started this site to help parents, like me, to come up with new ideas for healthy snacks for their kids. Because healthy child is a happy child. But before I talk about snacks there are few things you can do to get more activities for your kid.

* Summer Camp - It’s a great idea to send your child to the camp where they have great activity programs for kids all summer long. Kids will have fun and make a lot of new friends.

* Community Pool - If you can’t afford summer camp for your kid, try to spend more time outside on the weekend. You can take advantage of the community pools.

* Bike riding - You can go for a bike ride together.

Now, let's talk about healthy snacks. We are all busy working, and have not time cook a lot but it is so important for your child to get all the vitamins and minerals every day. While you are out at work make sure to provide your child with a lot of healthy snacks.

Buy different fruits and vegetables that your child enjoys. Snacks like baby carrots or apple can be easily cut and put in a zip baggies. Homemade ice cream is another great idea. We have a list of great healthy snacks for this summer that you can enjoy as a family.